Why I started a new Happiness in a Jar Sweet business

June 24, 2018

The idea of ‘Sweet Remedies – Happiness in a jar’ came about when I was trying to find a personalised gift to send to a friend who needed cheering up.  Not everybody likes flowers and there’s so many personalised cards and chocolates, I wanted to find something different where I could choose the size, the content and the personalised message.  So, whether it’s to send a gift to someone for a special occasion, to cheer them up, say well done, or to simply say thank you, I wanted to offer more choice to make it that extra special.

Although my hubby and I have a passion for cooking and attend many food events, we’re not sweetie experts, although we love them!  So, rather than manufacture our own sweets, we use the nation’s well-known branded favourites ensuring the best quality possible in our products.  We have plans to increase the choice of packaging, sweets and messages in the future and aim to create more irresistible, personalised gifts with that extra special touch.  If you’ve got any ideas, we’d love to hear from you.

As a Welsh girl, born and bred in North Wales and Welsh being my first language, I have spent most of my career promoting the Welsh language, culture and heritage.  It’s important to me to create products with a Welsh uniqueness too.  So, as well as new products under the Sweet Remedies – Happiness in a jar brand, I’m so excited to announce that ‘Moddion Melys – Hapusrwydd mewn Jar’ is on its way too!

So if you looking for that special, personalised gift for someone, please visit our shop.

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